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3 YouTube Tricks to Grow Your Dance Studio Traffic

You already know you should be using YouTube in your dance studio marketing mix, right? If not, consider that we’re a visual art form AND YouTube has crazy amounts of traffic…and Google owns them. ie use YouTube!

Now, I do see some studios uploading videos to YouTube and that’s great. Here’s 3 tricks to maximize every upload you do:


PS Here’s the video I was uploading.

PS I’m thinking of doing a small, underground group run of a new system I’m *thinking* of developing to help you get your dance studio ranked in Google. ie type in ‘dance studio [yourtownhere]’ and you’d be at or near the top. Don’t know if I’ll do it yet but if you’re interested, check it out and let me know.

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Get Knowledge This Summer at the Dance Teacher Web Conference & Expo

Dance Teacher Web Conference & ExpoThis summer the Dance Teacher Web Conference & Expo will ber happening in Las Vegas for the 3rd year in a row now. They put this event together and I went right away. First off, it’s nice that it’s not on the east coast. Las Vegas is a fun place to hang out anyway and having a workshop conference dealio there just makes sense. Second off, it has a lot of good people. It’s kinda got an ‘undergound’ feel to it sometimes. I wandered in on several business related classes last year and heard some really actionable and useful info on running your studio and getting ahead. These studio owners or business experts are what I would call slightly ‘under the radar’ but ‘in the trenches’ type of folks. They had information that they were sharing that was hard to come by….direct first-hand ‘school of hard knocks’ experience. If you want to know what other people are doing that just plain works, you need to think about heading to this event.

They’ve asked me to teach of building your website for maximum exposure on Google & Bing as well as how to leverage Facebook to it’s full potential to grow your studio. I happily obliged.

Check out the site and get your ticket if any of that sounds remotely useful.

DanceAdvantage Does a Giving Thanks Giveaway

DanceAdvantage Giving Thanks Giveaway

I just wanted to let you know that the Giving Thanks Giveaway has begun!

It started today, Monday, November 8 and lasts through November 13, 2010. SIX DAYS of goodies, prizes, and yes… freebies.

There will be two giveaways each day. If you’ve chosen to receive daily updates from the blog, you’ll receive a post every mid-morning with the latest enteries. If you get weekly updates (or choose not to receive latest articles), you’ll want to follow DA another way this week. Updates are posted to Facebook and Twitter. Or you can go to the homepage regularly and click on the featured content image for the Giveaway. Or, update your subscriber profile, and select to receive the latest Hot off the Press. You can always change it back when the week of giveaways is over.

To enter on any individual giveaway, all you have to do is comment. Winners are drawn randomly from the entries. Could it BE any easier?

Check out the Giving Thanks Giveaway now >>








Featured in an Article in Dance Studio Life Magazine July 2010




July 2010 Dance Studio Life Magazine

Article: "Friends, Fans, & Followers"

Christina Hall, author, wrote a nice 4 page article introducing Rhee Gold readers to social networking media outlets and what they can do for you. I won’t reproduce it here for obvious reasons but here’s a brief play-by-play. [Update 7-15-10: original article here]


She leads off with some Facebook material, which as we know has more than 400 MILLION active users to date, and how it can work for your studio. She interviews a few dance studio owners with a Facebook presence about their experience so far. They’ve both had different experiences but both positive. The studios share a few tips they’ve learned about dealing with social networks like Twitter, Facebook & YouTube.

Next, she has a few quotes from Yours Truly on to monitor negative comments about you and your studio online without doing any extra work on your part.

The article goes into video hosting social sites like YouTube and the one we use on the RDDW system, Kids & parents LOVE seeing themselves online and it can really do wonders if you work it right. She quote another studio owner who using for good measure.

The article wraps up talking about the RDDW system, how we build social media right into it and how social media can work for your studio. We talk a little bit how to participate in these various social media networks without it being a time sink.

In my opinion, really, it’s just how people are communicating these days and you just HAVE to be there or you’re missing out.

Great little article getting people used to social media with interspersed tips from real world studio owners. All in all, yet another great piece of writing from this magazine. You’re already a subscriber, right?


(Secret link about Facebook)

Use Facebook to Grow Your Dance Studio?

This is icon for social networking website. Th...

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I’ve been a little behind in updating my site here and what I’d doing that’s working with dance studios but I’m really close sharing. Facebook has some really big stats going on and it’s only getting bigger. If you’d like to learn more about this type of stuff, head on over to this other site I created and sign up on the early bird list.


PS If there’s anything you’d like to learn about using Facebook to grow you dance business, post a comment below and let me know. I can try to work it in that way.

See How Easy It Is to do a Fundraiser for Your Dance Studio This New Way

First of all, this is a very “slice of life” type interview. He didn’t even really know I was recording and it’s not because I tricked him. It’s just because we were talking, I thought it was cool, and then just hit the Record button so you’d get to be on the ‘inside’ of our conversation. Basically, he was talking to me about it, I thought it was super cool, and wanted to pass it along. Hence, the quick record interview below:

Try This to Raise Money – It’s Unique from Chad Michael Lawson on Vimeo.


Click here to check it out >>


Dancers Who Tweet did an article on dancing and social media, specifically Twitter. It’s on the heels of a New York Times article with ballerinas and Twitter. The article profiles a few tech savvy ballerinas but then turns the corner and shows how other dancers and studio owners are using Twitter for success. They interviewed me and a few high profile Tweeters in the dance world like @metroDance.  Here’s a quote from me:


According to online marketing expert Chad Lawson, owner of Real Deal Dance Marketing, Twitter is all about maintaining relationships, creating new ones and getting people interested in your work. “It’s like going to a party, being yourself, relaxed, cool, whatever, and have people get interested in you,” he says. “Eventually, they’ll ask, ‘What do you do?'” Lawson contends that it’s different from walking into a party and simply handing someone your business card—on Twitter, it’s all about the social interaction.

And, here’s a nice quote from MetroDance:

Kristie Wyler, artistic director of Metro Dance in Plymouth, MI, is an avid tweeter. With nearly 800 followers and over 1,000 tweets, Wyler is one of the most popular teachers on the site. She uses Twitter not only to spread awareness about general dance related issues, but also to stay connected with her students and students’ parents. For Wyler, who goes under the handle MetroDance (, Twitter is a great way to keep her studio connected to the broader dance community. It’s also a way for the dance community to feel connected to her.

All in all, great little article that you should check out in full.

Be sure to follow me on Twitter if you’re not already. @danceMarketing

Would you like to see a dance studio owner’s guide to the ins and outs to Twitter?

How to Learn from the iPad Marketing for Dance Studios

Ok. So I made a quick little video about what we can learn as dance studio owners from iPad marketing from Apple. It’s a *great* skill to learn and will really take your marketing to the next level.

iPad Marketing & Your Studio from Chad Michael Lawson on Vimeo.

Secret Confession: Ok. So I started shooting and was opening the box and then  I got a notice that my camera was out of space. Whoops!  So, I figured I’d roll again and try “re-create” opening my box up. The only thing, it looks kinda silly ’cause you can totally see that the box is already open. lol! Anyway, I figured it was more entertaining this way watching me try to fake opening a box and that’s not really the point of the message anyway, right?!  :)