SYTYCD – The Judges Aren’t Jerks

The judges are NOT jerks this year. The show just started with a bunch of drama and it probably came from the Hollywood execs to get people hooked. Now that it’s had some time on the air to develop, it has all the integrity it did in the last few seasons.

If I had to complain, I wish the judges would be as honest as Mia & Dan. They both shine.

So the question is: waht can you do to bring either of those 2 things into your studio (or you next event, or your next private lesson)?

How can you bring a little drama at the beginning to get some one (or many) hooked into what you’re doing or what you’re promoting. I’m not talking about manipulating anyone or anything but maybe you can tweak the way your present something. Sometimes changing the order in which you present things can have a dramatic increase in response.

How you you be so honest and transparent with anyone you work with or your students? It might mean you admit something you don’t want to about yourself or about how your run things. But….even if that’s uncomfortable for you, how would it change the way they look at you. I know whenever someone admits something to me that’s incredibly honest about themselves, I look at them a little different. With a a little more respect or integrity.