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Get Knowledge This Summer at the Dance Teacher Web Conference & Expo

Dance Teacher Web Conference & ExpoThis summer the Dance Teacher Web Conference & Expo will ber happening in Las Vegas for the 3rd year in a row now. They put this event together and I went right away. First off, it’s nice that it’s not on the east coast. Las Vegas is a fun place to hang out anyway and having a workshop conference dealio there just makes sense. Second off, it has a lot of good people. It’s kinda got an ‘undergound’ feel to it sometimes. I wandered in on several business related classes last year and heard some really actionable and useful info on running your studio and getting ahead. These studio owners or business experts are what I would call slightly ‘under the radar’ but ‘in the trenches’ type of folks. They had information that they were sharing that was hard to come by….direct first-hand ‘school of hard knocks’ experience. If you want to know what other people are doing that just plain works, you need to think about heading to this event.

They’ve asked me to teach of building your website for maximum exposure on Google & Bing as well as how to leverage Facebook to it’s full potential to grow your studio. I happily obliged.

Check out the site and get your ticket if any of that sounds remotely useful.