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3 YouTube Tricks to Grow Your Dance Studio Traffic

You already know you should be using YouTube in your dance studio marketing mix, right? If not, consider that we’re a visual art form AND YouTube has crazy amounts of traffic…and Google owns them. ie use YouTube!

Now, I do see some studios uploading videos to YouTube and that’s great. Here’s 3 tricks to maximize every upload you do:


PS Here’s the video I was uploading.

PS I’m thinking of doing a small, underground group run of a new system I’m *thinking* of developing to help you get your dance studio ranked in Google. ie type in ‘dance studio [yourtownhere]’ and you’d be at or near the top. Don’t know if I’ll do it yet but if you’re interested, check it out and let me know.

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Here is a Method That is Helping Ballroom Dance Studios to Get More Students


People are funny in that they like to wrapped up in an experience and live vicariously through others. TV is wildly popular because of this very thing. Case in point, Dancing with the Stars in making it’s way back to the ‘small screen’ for yet another season.

Whether you like the show or not is irrelevant because there are TONS of people who do. Tons of people who live in your area, in fact!

If you’re a ballroom dance studio you should be capitalizing on it’s popularity.

How to best do that?

Run ads in Google, Yahoo, & MSN that reference the TV show. You can’t use it’s logo or make yourself seem affiliated with them in any way but what you CAN do is let people know that they can get a piece of the action “just miles from their house.”

Think about it, when you’re marketing your studio, the toughest part of a piece is to convince people to read you ad and then pick up the phone or visit your web site for more information. You have to create all that desire from one little ad.

Now, consider how many people watch the show and how it affects them emotionally. Then, you’ll start to see a capital idea.

I call it ‘turn the corner’ advertising. They weren’t looking for your type of service when they hit the web but you caught their attention and them made them “turn the corner” to your studio.

What I do with my clients is watch for show times in our area, see which times people are on the web searching for the information on the show, and then run ads where people are searching. A lot of them hadn’t really considered that they could actually be trying ballroom dance lessons themselves. You show an ad, make them comfortable, get them into the studio and ‘bam!’, you’re good to go.

Of course, there are more in-depth steps to this process but I wanted to give you the formula. You can also use offline ads with this technique as well. “Turn the corner” advertising works when you use it correctly.

Use it while it’s hot!