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What Belly Dancing Taught Me about Personal Branding

“But as my belly dancing instructor has taught me, you don’t have to build a personal brand on being an egomaniac. You can build your brand on simply being human. Or better yet, you can build your brand on being your favorite version of yourself.


Trying to teach everything would undermine what she’s about and the tribe she’s looking to attract. She sticks to what she does better than anyone else.”

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Make sure to read the whole article on Copyblogger’s site. It’s a nice intro to niche marketing, which is really what owning a dance studio is all about whether you know it or now. Good advice on stressing you ‘unique selling proposition’ (adspeak for what you do that other studios don’t or why you’re better.)


How to Find Dancers on Twitter – Use These Channels

I found a nifty little service called ‘twhanel‘ and despite to too cute name is a nifty little tool for organizing groups on Twitter.

So, for us, there are TONS of dancers joining Twitter every day and there’s not reall good way for us to find them and encourage them or connect with them, etc….until now.

Just click one of the links below at any point in time and you’ll be able to see Tweets real time of people how are Twittering about that dance and just add them as a friend. Chances are they’ll add you back and who knows what kind of connect can come of that?

Here are the categories I made so far. If you think of others or add any yourself and want them to be listed here, just let me know.

Click on any of the links below and find kindred spirits right away:



Lindy Hop

Hip Hop


Contemporary Dance (Modern)

Jazz Dance



Tap Dance

West Coast Swing


Country Dancing

Hustle Dancing

Headlines for Dance Studios and Teachers – Part 2


Some research says that 75% of a buying decision is made at a headline. Others say 50%. If you’ve ever saw something, read a headline, and then said to yourself, “That’s for me!” then you’ll know what I’m talking about. $10 bucks says the person who wrote that spent just a quick second beforehand figuring it all out and you should do the same.

One thing is for sure, headlines are pretty darn important and that’s why I wanted to give you some example to apply in part 2 here. If you missed part 1, be sure to check it out first.

The headlines listed below are not stuff I’ve made it. They’re all headlines that have been proven to work. The person or people who wrote the headline really understood the psychology behind the buyer and that lead to inevitable success.

They are easily adaptable in your market with a little imagination and a little creativity. I’ll try to use a quick example to get your started

Proven headline:

Get rid of your money problems once and for all

Why it works:

It makes you think exactly of the problem you’re having in finite terms. Everyone hates that. No one likes to look at their problem and therefore makes people much more likely to pick up the phone and call you for your solution.

Example adaptations for a dance teacher or studio (e.g. ballroom or adult lessons):

Get rid of your dance phobia once and for all.


It’s very real for people who have always wanted to dance even if you can’t relate to it personally. They have this secret fear and if you can tap it with your headline, this one or any other one, it can be gold. These people end up being some of the most passionate dancers around.


Proven headline:

Who else wants to look like a movie star?

Why it works:

This plays into the group mentality all humans have inside of them. You secretly figure when a bunch of other people are doing it, it’s OK…or maybe even ‘cool’ you can do it too. Ever stood in a line at the grocery store because there was already one there before you got there but when you looked up you saw there was a smaller line right next to you? That’s social proof and it got you when you weren’t looking.

Example adaptation for a ballroom studio:

Who else wants to look they were just on ‘Dancing with the Stars’?

Who else wants a happy, well adjusted child that loves dance?


Be sure to use whatever the parents words are to you. Not your own words. If you’re an adult studio, echo back what the students are saying to you exactly.


Proven headline:

A little mistake cost this farmer £20,000 a year…

Why it works:

Because when you’re reading that, and you’re a farmer, you secretly wonder if YOU could be losing that much without even knowing. No one likes to lose money without knowing it so it really presses your curiosity button.

Example adaptation for a performing arts studio:

A little mistake that cost a parent $10,000 a year…


Maybe you’re run a special or a package deal where if the parents pre-pay (good for cash flow), they get a discount for their child? See where I’m going there?


Proven Headline:

Play the guitar in 7 days or your money back:

Why it works:

Because you, me and everyone else under the sun loves instant gratification. Combined with something you want to do, this should really speak to you. Why it works is because the person is thinking of himself as Jimi Hendrix in his own head but what he’s really gonna get is Kum Ba Ya when it’s all said and done. You can’t get that good that fast but you *can* be playing the guitar.

Example adaptation for a salsa teacher:

Dance salsa in 7 days or your money back


Yeah, he might not be a killer dancer at that point but at least he’s dancing salsa. Once he starts, he’s not likely to stop because it’s so fun, right?! It’s your job to get people started and keep their interest going after that and if this little headline helps, more power to it.


Proven headline:

See how easily you can learn to dance this new way

Why it works:

Again, everyone likes the ‘easy’ version of something. Instant gratification lives inside of all of us.

Example adaptation for a ballroom studio:

Use it as is. It worked like crazy for Arthur Murray when he was selling home study dance courses in the 1920s and it works now. I tested it with Adwords and was surprised at the results.

Lastly, here are 3 tips to help you in crafting your headline:

  1. Use a sentence or a phrase
  2. Place it at the head or at the top or at the beginning of your piece
  3. Make sure it makes a promise and arouses curiosity

As always, I’d LOVE to hear your success with any of these things or any you’ve crafted or adapted for yourself or your studio.

Headlines: What You Say & How You Say It Are Critical To Your Success

2-28-09 Headlines Example from Chad Michael Lawson on Vimeo.

Writing headlines is one of the most important skills you can learn for marketing your dance studio or dance business. If you’re selling (and you are whether you admit it to yourself or not) your services or expertise, if you don’t get them interested in you, then you’re done. They’ll head on off to another teacher, studio, store, etc.

There are whole books on headline writing so I won’t be able to get that in depth here but ther are a few guideline that you can follow to help you along. Next post, I’ve give you a few templates to use but first I’d like you to break free of your conceptions on what a headline is.

When it comes to your dance studio, a headline can be the obvious stuff like: what’s on your website, your yellow book ad, you direct mail postcards, fliers, and email newsletters. But, it can also be stuff like your class sign up form, your email sign up form on at your studio or on your website, the sign up form for your classes, registration form for your next show, etc.

Are you really thinking about using choice words to get people’s attention on ALL those things? If not, don’t fret. Just start paying a little more attention to things. Think things like, ” how could I change a word or two in this line to make it -jump- out a little bit more and take hold?” Usually, it only takes a quick second to beat whatever you already have and there’s a good chance it’ll help you increase your goal for whatever that piece is designed to do.

Constant small improvement over time really add up and get you to the next level.

Here are some resources on the web that have good information to help you along:

Copywriting headlines | Make money online –

The headlines are the most important parts of any sales copy. Yes, the reader also wants bullet points of benefits, testimonials, etc, but they often…

The Sexy Art of Writing Headlines that Kill – FreelanceSwitch …

Excellent restraint on not naming this article: ’20 Tips for Writing Great Headlines’ I was one of those feed readers who got caught by your headline for this article, but likely wouldn’t have with the headline you choose not to use. …

How to Write a Killer and Magnetic Headlines and Titles

How to create great headlines and titles to turn your prospects into buying customers using hypnotic words that will empower them to purchase your product or service, join your ezine. …

The Right Woid

Legendary copywriter John Carlton drops some knowledge on why should should create a ‘power word chart’ and use it when crafting headlines. This post isn’t soley about headlines but it does pass some great info on the subject anyway.

How to Write Magnetic Headlines

Copyblogger has 9 different (yes, 9!) posts on crafting a perfect headline for what ales you. There are templates, formulas, getting people’s attention techniques, & cheater’s guide. It’s a little ironic that I’d list this right after a John Carlton post but if you’re stumped when writing, this is a good place to get a jump start.

Next, I’ll give you a few templates that are ‘plug-n-play’ so make sure to subscribe so you won’t be left out.

Dance Marketing vs Online Technology. Holla Back?!

I’m a specialist when it comes to dance studios and online marketing but I haven’t been real good about sharing this information with the rest of the world outside of the studio owners I’m consulting for right now. What I discovered is that when I work with a studio one on one, I know what they want and what they need. They tell me what they want and what they need. For the most part, the answer is usuall “get more people to my door.” No problem. Done.

Now that I’m becoming a little more public about some of the processes I’ve been using over the years, I’m trying to get a handle on what the people on my list would like to know about. Please comment below and I’ll do my best to take care of it.

Leave a comment below and let me know what you’d like to know about marketing your dance business and I promise to give you the very best information I have….stuff that works and has been tested.comment-here1

Poll – Dancers Perspective: ‘Superstars of Dance’, Hit or Miss?

Here is a Method That is Helping Ballroom Dance Studios to Get More Students


People are funny in that they like to wrapped up in an experience and live vicariously through others. TV is wildly popular because of this very thing. Case in point, Dancing with the Stars in making it’s way back to the ‘small screen’ for yet another season.

Whether you like the show or not is irrelevant because there are TONS of people who do. Tons of people who live in your area, in fact!

If you’re a ballroom dance studio you should be capitalizing on it’s popularity.

How to best do that?

Run ads in Google, Yahoo, & MSN that reference the TV show. You can’t use it’s logo or make yourself seem affiliated with them in any way but what you CAN do is let people know that they can get a piece of the action “just miles from their house.”

Think about it, when you’re marketing your studio, the toughest part of a piece is to convince people to read you ad and then pick up the phone or visit your web site for more information. You have to create all that desire from one little ad.

Now, consider how many people watch the show and how it affects them emotionally. Then, you’ll start to see a capital idea.

I call it ‘turn the corner’ advertising. They weren’t looking for your type of service when they hit the web but you caught their attention and them made them “turn the corner” to your studio.

What I do with my clients is watch for show times in our area, see which times people are on the web searching for the information on the show, and then run ads where people are searching. A lot of them hadn’t really considered that they could actually be trying ballroom dance lessons themselves. You show an ad, make them comfortable, get them into the studio and ‘bam!’, you’re good to go.

Of course, there are more in-depth steps to this process but I wanted to give you the formula. You can also use offline ads with this technique as well. “Turn the corner” advertising works when you use it correctly.

Use it while it’s hot!