How to Find Dancers on Twitter – Use These Channels

I found a nifty little service called ‘twhanel‘ and despite to too cute name is a nifty little tool for organizing groups on Twitter.

So, for us, there are TONS of dancers joining Twitter every day and there’s not reall good way for us to find them and encourage them or connect with them, etc….until now.

Just click one of the links below at any point in time and you’ll be able to see Tweets real time of people how are Twittering about that dance and just add them as a friend. Chances are they’ll add you back and who knows what kind of connect can come of that?

Here are the categories I made so far. If you think of others or add any yourself and want them to be listed here, just let me know.

Click on any of the links below and find kindred spirits right away:



Lindy Hop

Hip Hop


Contemporary Dance (Modern)

Jazz Dance



Tap Dance

West Coast Swing


Country Dancing

Hustle Dancing