Use Facebook to Grow Your Dance Studio?

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I’ve been a little behind in updating my site here and what I’d doing that’s working with dance studios but I’m really close sharing. Facebook has some really big stats going on and it’s only getting bigger. If you’d like to learn more about this type of stuff, head on over to this other site I created and sign up on the early bird list.


PS If there’s anything you’d like to learn about using Facebook to grow you dance business, post a comment below and let me know. I can try to work it in that way.

Dancers Who Tweet did an article on dancing and social media, specifically Twitter. It’s on the heels of a New York Times article with ballerinas and Twitter. The article profiles a few tech savvy ballerinas but then turns the corner and shows how other dancers and studio owners are using Twitter for success. They interviewed me and a few high profile Tweeters in the dance world like @metroDance.  Here’s a quote from me:


According to online marketing expert Chad Lawson, owner of Real Deal Dance Marketing, Twitter is all about maintaining relationships, creating new ones and getting people interested in your work. “It’s like going to a party, being yourself, relaxed, cool, whatever, and have people get interested in you,” he says. “Eventually, they’ll ask, ‘What do you do?'” Lawson contends that it’s different from walking into a party and simply handing someone your business card—on Twitter, it’s all about the social interaction.

And, here’s a nice quote from MetroDance:

Kristie Wyler, artistic director of Metro Dance in Plymouth, MI, is an avid tweeter. With nearly 800 followers and over 1,000 tweets, Wyler is one of the most popular teachers on the site. She uses Twitter not only to spread awareness about general dance related issues, but also to stay connected with her students and students’ parents. For Wyler, who goes under the handle MetroDance (, Twitter is a great way to keep her studio connected to the broader dance community. It’s also a way for the dance community to feel connected to her.

All in all, great little article that you should check out in full.

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SYTYCD – Are the Judges Jerks This Year?

‘So You Think You Can Dance’ – I don’t know about you but I was a little stuck after watching the first episode of the season this year. Having been a major fan and watching it since the jump, I’ve come to develop my own personal ‘TV relationship’ (if you know what I mean) with each of the judges and what they like/don’t like compared to what I like/don’t like. They all have their reasoning & it makes the whole thing gel.

This year, I was surprised more than once by how the judges just ripped into a contestant or two like the icy north wind on a frozen lake. Yeah, they’re paid to be sharp and honest & I respect that. But do they respect the people who are trying their hardest up there?! A couple of times I wasn’t convinced…

It was also a little bit weird because in one scene the judges were just having a rousing good time & then next it was all serious again. That’s cool but it seemed like the editing was trying to hard for hills & valleys of emotions or something? Mia seemed to have the most heart of the panel & I’ve come to expect that from her. She’s bomb! I just couldn’t shake the feeling that the producers of the show were feeding them alcohol or something to get them to be more reactionary or bombastic or something? I think Mia even mentioned that once and it didn’t surprise me.

You drink a little, you lose a little control, you say shocking things = what a TV producer wants for his/her ratings. It’s a little suspect if you ask me…. I hope this show keeps it’s integrity this season. I’m not judging it yet but it’s a little shaky so far. Just my 2 cents.

Any comments?