SYTYCD – Are the Judges Jerks This Year?

‘So You Think You Can Dance’ – I don’t know about you but I was a little stuck after watching the first episode of the season this year. Having been a major fan and watching it since the jump, I’ve come to develop my own personal ‘TV relationship’ (if you know what I mean) with each of the judges and what they like/don’t like compared to what I like/don’t like. They all have their reasoning & it makes the whole thing gel.

This year, I was surprised more than once by how the judges just ripped into a contestant or two like the icy north wind on a frozen lake. Yeah, they’re paid to be sharp and honest & I respect that. But do they respect the people who are trying their hardest up there?! A couple of times I wasn’t convinced…

It was also a little bit weird because in one scene the judges were just having a rousing good time & then next it was all serious again. That’s cool but it seemed like the editing was trying to hard for hills & valleys of emotions or something? Mia seemed to have the most heart of the panel & I’ve come to expect that from her. She’s bomb! I just couldn’t shake the feeling that the producers of the show were feeding them alcohol or something to get them to be more reactionary or bombastic or something? I think Mia even mentioned that once and it didn’t surprise me.

You drink a little, you lose a little control, you say shocking things = what a TV producer wants for his/her ratings. It’s a little suspect if you ask me…. I hope this show keeps it’s integrity this season. I’m not judging it yet but it’s a little shaky so far. Just my 2 cents.

Any comments?