Headlines: What You Say & How You Say It Are Critical To Your Success

2-28-09 Headlines Example from Chad Michael Lawson on Vimeo.

Writing headlines is one of the most important skills you can learn for marketing your dance studio or dance business. If you’re selling (and you are whether you admit it to yourself or not) your services or expertise, if you don’t get them interested in you, then you’re done. They’ll head on off to another teacher, studio, store, etc.

There are whole books on headline writing so I won’t be able to get that in depth here but ther are a few guideline that you can follow to help you along. Next post, I’ve give you a few templates to use but first I’d like you to break free of your conceptions on what a headline is.

When it comes to your dance studio, a headline can be the obvious stuff like: what’s on your website, your yellow book ad, you direct mail postcards, fliers, and email newsletters. But, it can also be stuff like your class sign up form, your email sign up form on at your studio or on your website, the sign up form for your classes, registration form for your next show, etc.

Are you really thinking about using choice words to get people’s attention on ALL those things? If not, don’t fret. Just start paying a little more attention to things. Think things like, ” how could I change a word or two in this line to make it -jump- out a little bit more and take hold?” Usually, it only takes a quick second to beat whatever you already have and there’s a good chance it’ll help you increase your goal for whatever that piece is designed to do.

Constant small improvement over time really add up and get you to the next level.

Here are some resources on the web that have good information to help you along:

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Next, I’ll give you a few templates that are ‘plug-n-play’ so make sure to subscribe so you won’t be left out.